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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions have been developed to protect both the operator (Lakes Campervans Ltd) and the hirer (you). Lakes Campervans offer motorhome hire strictly in accordance with the following terms and conditions. By signing these terms and conditions the hirer (you) agrees legally that they have read, understood and accepted the details set out within this document.


Deposits, Payment and Booking Confirmation

We require a non-refundable booking deposit of £150 to secure any booking, which must be paid within 24 hours of making the booking (we will email you confirmation of your booking once this payment has been received) with the balance payable six weeks before the hire date. We will also require a security deposit of £500 at the commencement of the hire date.


Collections and Returns

The motorhome will be available on the day of collection at Braithwaites Garage, Penrith from 3.00 pm and must be delivered back to Braithwaites Garage, Penrith by 11.00 am on the last day of hire.

Failing to return the motorhome on time means you may be liable to an extra charge, usually £50 per hour or part thereof as well as any additional costs incurred by the Lakes Campervans Ltd as a result of your late returning of the vehicle. There are no refunds for vehicles returned early.



If you need to cancel the vehicle hire for any reason, please contact Lakes Campervans If the date of cancellation is more than 6 weeks away from the date of hire, then we would not require any more payments - however the initial £150 deposit taken at the time of the booking is non refundable.

If the date of cancellation is less than six weeks and two weeks before the date of hire you will be charged at 50% of the total hire charge and if the cancellation is less than two weeks or closer to the date of hire you will be charged 100% of the total hire charge.


Forced Cancellation by Lakes Campervans

In the unlikely event where an unforeseeable, unavoidable situation occurs, which results in your booked motorhome being unavailable and we are unable to provide or agree on a replacement motorhome we will refund any amounts already paid in full. Lakes Campervans will not be held liable for any additional costs or compensation.


Named Drivers/Passengers

Only the named driver(s) on the booking confirmation form may drive the hired vehicle. Lakes Campervans reserves the right to refuse to handover the hire vehicle to any person who they deem un-suitable. In this unlikely event all hire charges will be refunded in full but otherwise Lakes Campervans shall have no further liability.

Additional drivers wishing to drive but that do not appear on the booking confirmation must gain permission in writing from Lakes Campervans before the hire commences.

The number of occupants in any hire vehicles will be limited to the number of seatbelts fitted in the vehicle. Safety restraints should be used at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion.


Break Downs / Accident

In the unfortunate event of any break down, in the first instance you should contact the breakdown service that comes with the vehicle. Inform Lakes Campervans immediately after you have informed the breakdown service. All repairs require Lakes Campervans permission.

Should you be involved in an accident, you should not admit fault as this will be decided by the insurance companies. You should proceed as you would with a normal vehicle accident taking the details of all other party’s involved (if any) and should there be any witness their details as well.

If anyone is injured you must inform the police and also contact Lakes Campervans immediately, then complete an accident report form. Please ensure that any vehicle left unattended is done so securely.


Terms and Conditions of Insurance

Drivers must be aged between 23 to 70 and must have held a full driving license for a minimum of 24 months and must not have any speeding endorsements of more than 3 points.

We will also need to our insurance companies permission prior to the commencement of any hire period. Non UK visitors will require a current driving license which meets the aforementioned conditions.

The hirer will be responsible for any personal or third party losses outside the terms and conditions of the Insurance policy.

The hirer will also agree to drive obeying the Highway Code at all times.

The hirer will not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Whilst the Vehicle is insured for damage to the Vehicle and the property of a third party it does not include any personal insurance for the hirer (including death or bodily injury to the driver) and does not cover any personal possessions.

The hire will also be responsible for any damage to either the vehicle or third party property, the hirer will be liable for the first excess, also the hirer will be fully liable for all overhead damage, any damaged deemed as gross negligence and replacement or repair of windows and windscreens or tyre damage.

Excess charges are as follows:

Aged 23 and 24 – £750

Aged 25 upwards – £600

Additional Charges

Additional driver £25 per day


Personal Insurance

The hirer should consider insurance which would cover early termination of their holiday due to a breakdown or accident.

The hirer’s vehicle can be parked at Braithwaites Garage free of charge for the duration of their holiday but it is at their own risk.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is against the law to smoke in any hire vehicle in the U.K. and is therefore strictly prohibited in all vehicles and awnings. Should there be evidence of smoking there will be an additional charge of £130.


Additional Charges

Our Campervans will have a full tank of fuel on collection day and we expect them to be returned with a full tank of fuel other than the fuel used to drive from the closest fuel station to Braithwaites Garage.

There will be a charge of £85 for any cleaning/valeting not deemed normal usage. In all instances, the hirer will also be responsible for any damage to the interior, excluding fire. Damage caused by fire will be covered by insurance, but the first excess is still payable by the hirer, in line with the insurance terms and conditions.

Responsibility for any parking/speeding or other traffic offences during the hire period is strictly the hirer’s liability. Lakes Campervans will inform the relevant authority of the named hirers for that period. Lakes Campervans Ltd will not accept any liability for any fines or endorsement or any court costs for such offences.

There is a £500 damage waiver deposit payable by the hirer to Lakes Campervans before any hire commences, and the hirer agrees that any damage claims that fall outside of the insurance terms and conditions including the insurance excess, including any extra charges payable will be deducted from the hirers deposit upon return. Deposits will be refunded to the hirer normally within 7 working days of the return date. If the vehicle has sustained damage Lakes Campervans will retain the security deposit until such time as any estimates for the cost of repair have been obtained.

Lakes Campervans reserves the right to alter and amend these terms and conditions as they see fit and/or necessary. Hirers will be informed of any change to the terms and conditions before the commencement of their hire.